Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Brick The Wall

Chicago methods of teacher student discipline to be exported from Chicago to DOE under Arnie Duncan.

Hundreds of students have allegedly been beaten by teachers, coaches and staff at Chicago Public Schools. 2 Investigator Dave Savini continues his ongoing investigation involving the illegal use corporal punishment.

Treveon Martin, 10, is afraid of a teacher at his school.

"I've seen him hit five of them in the classroom," Martin said.
Which brought this to mind this.

Seriously though, I know a few CPS teachers and if anything, they need to be allowed to beat those little shits a bit more often.


  1. back in my early childhood school years, if one of us talked back to our teacher, she would ask us to come to the front of the class, put our hands together and she would slap our hands with a ruler. But we had two choices: pull our ears or slap our hands...I couldn't decide which one was more painful but I know it worked and all parents gave consent to that type of punishment. Kids nowadays don't believe in discipline, too many parents think they are emotionally hurting them, I say they are because once they become adults they are emotionally irresponsible for the lack of discipline they recieved. My mohter had a paddle and she used it when we mishaved. no warnings no threaths, we got it and we knew we deserved it. But she always came back and reassured us that she loved us. I will do the same with my daughter cause it worked on all of us four kids.

  2. Heh, I had a teacher that made us stand with outstretched arms with one those long 12" erasers in each hand.

    Talk about a motivator to behave!