Friday, March 6, 2009


Could someone please put a bullet in this assholes head?

The theme of last night’s installment of The Encyclopedia Show was “explosives,” a tie-in to Young Chicago Authors’s Louder Than a Bomb poetry competition. So who better to serve as the unannounced special guest than Bill Ayers?
Oh how I wish Mike Royko were still around to call this dick face out like he used to:

That confirms something I've always believed about people like Ayers and his fellow well-born, well-bred suburban revolutionaries. Despite all their fine talk about helping the down-trodden, they had nothing but contempt for those at the bottom. They assumed that those who were born poor couldn't achieve anything without the leadership and teachings of bright people such as Bill Ayers. So it stands to reason, as the T-shirt implies, that those who managed to accomplish something without Ayers' help must have used sneaky, low-down methods. Thus, they are "scum."

Ayers still doesn't understand. A person doesn't have to have had a father who was head of one of Illinois' biggest corporations, as Ayers did. There are all sorts of success stories (they've become commonplace) of those who started at the bottom and floated to the top - without becoming scummy along the way.

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