Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vote Today

The Columbia Journalism Review has a good wrap-up of theirs and the rest of the “Reality Based Community’s” non reaction to today’s election:

With the off-year Election Day now upon us, press outlets as diverse as Fox News and The New York Times are continuing to overemphasize the broader significance of today’s contests. (The lead headline at NYTimes.com all day has read, “3 Contests on Election Day Could Signal Political Winds”—with, of course, a caution deep in the text that it is “probably not wise to draw broad lessons from Tuesday’s results.”) But, encouragingly, there’s also been quite a bit of pushback against that narrative from some influential Web sites and, in at least one case, from a leading newspaper.
I would agree that today’s elections aren’t going to mean much come next November when the real Mau Mauing is going to take place, but there seems to be this reflex from some quarters in the media to write off the elections as meaningless because it does reflect the national mood and Obama’s declining numbers to some extent. How to quantify this “extent” is certainly open to interpretation but what’s coming out of the left right now seems to be a lot of truthie spin about how meaningless these are. To say that New Jersey is “meaningless” is a good indication of how hard some are trying to unspin what is going down today. Obama has been campaign both publicly and privately for Corzine and a loss for Corzine today, in bluer than blue New Jersey no less, is a fairly significant bell weather of the wider national mood.

Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.


  1. "it should come as no surprise that organization would act in such an openly treasonous manner."

    That's the line you posted at Dispatches from the Culture Wars. But you're the one who's an enemy of America. The ACLU is ensuring that the Constitution is followed. You are arguing in favor of violating the Constitution. Patriots don't do that.

  2. How shall I phrase this in a manner most delicate and gentile: fuck you and fuck the ACLU.

    May their corpses hang from tall trees for all to see!

  3. Let's see, hang the corpses of the defenders of the Constitution from a tall tree.

    Yeah, you're pretty much proving the point that you hate the Constitution. It's just so inconvenient, what will all it's due process crap, when all you really want to do is kill ragheads, whether they've actually done anything or not.

    People like you are the real threat to America. You'd destroy the Constitution to protect us from terrorists. But without the Constitution, what is America?

    As to the "fuck you" bit. I'm a little too experienced with the real world to bother getting offended by that. That's for kids sitting in their mom's basement typing with their mittens on so they don't scratch themselves too badly. That is, sad sacks like you.

    Quit hating America, Mike!

  4. Defenders of the constitution? I suppose it’s a simple counting error that made them skip over the second amendment.

    Like I said, hang them high for all to see. Their rotting corpses will inspire our friends and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

  5. Yeah, I agree on that, actually. But you ignore the 5th (no deprivation of life, liberty, or property without due process of law) and 6th (right to a trial in criminal prosecutions) Amendments, so you're twice as fucking bad as them!

    You're no patriot as long as you hate the Constitution!