Friday, September 25, 2009

New Rule

New Rule

New Rule, if Bill Maher says something stupid again, Sarah Palin gets to shoot him from a helicopter.

It’s a pity, I used to like Maher when he was on ABC. Its almost as if the toxically liberal environment of HBO has pushed him so far to the left he looks like an undereducated Noam Chomsky.

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  1. Good morning, Mike.

    Old Rule

    When commenting on someone, you're supposed to point out the things they say that you disagree with. Linking to the person's article without telling what it is you find "stupid" doesn't say much.

    I found his commentary quite refreshing, though a little naive.

    On another subject; I've seen a great many lefty websites posting articles that take the current administration to task for the many things Obama and his crew have done, such as eliminating the single-payer proponents from the discussions from the very beginning, their clinging to the Bush admin. dispicable warrantless surveillance tactics, amongst lots of other things.

    I also note that the right would rather dig out their own eyeballs with a dull spoon rather than point out when their side is less than candid. Hell, it took most of you more than 7 years of Boy Wonder's stupidity for even one or two of you to say anything.