Monday, September 28, 2009

Roman Polanski

I don’t get it. He drugs and rapes a 13 year old girl, flees the country and he still has defenders:

European cultural figures, political leaders and show-business personalities rose up in Polanski's defense, insisting that the film director be released because his original criminal charge dates from a 1977 incident. They portrayed the determination of Los Angeles judicial authorities to bring him to trial so many years later as vindictive and a stain on U.S. democracy.

Sarkozy's office made no comment but the spokesman for his governing coalition, Frederic Lefevre, said it was "shocking" to think how Los Angeles authorities seem to have waited so long before putting the international mandate in motion and then moving to make the arrest in such a "spectacular" way. Lefevre's deputy, Dominique Paille, added that it was also shocking to see a country regarded as an example of democracy fail to observe a statute of limitations for such crimes. *
Someone bring this piece of shit to justice.

* Just to clarify, there is not statue of limitation for a class-X felony, and raping a child is a class-X felonoy.


  1. Hollywood elite is "above the law" while everyone of us has to "follow the law." no suprises there. I hope he gets what he never finished! -Sandra.

  2. You know, it really is amazing what these people can and cant justify.

    Christy Alley had it right when she said the only justice for someone who did this to her daughter would be a .45.

  3. Did you see the Fox News Red Eye report on Polanski - it is lol funny. You can find it on YouTube.

  4. I did see the Red Eye piece on Polanski .. what a hoot!