Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Governors 4 - Mayors 0

What do George Ryan, Daniel Walker, William Grant Stratton all have in common? They and the newest inductee of the club, Rod Blagojevich, are all members of the Illinois gubernatorial felon team.

The fact that four governors have gone to jail in the past 50 years and not even one Chicago mayor has been indicted demonstrates where the real power in Illinois resides. Governors are expendable in Illinois and mayors of Chicago are not. It also demonstrates the bullet proof nature of the Chicago political machine in that no matter how deep a nosey prosecutor or FBI task force digs they never quite get the goods on the real power brokers because so many of their underlings are willing to fall on their swords to protect them.

We all knew this was going to happen, and I am not surprised that Fitzgerald did this before the inauguration and his subsequent dismissal or reassignment at the DOJ. History being a roadmap of future events, I am sure that Fitzgerald took the lesson that his predecessor Jay Stephens learned back in 1993 to heart: if you want to indict a political crony of an incoming president, do so before he can fire you.

And let us all keep in mind that this would have never happened without former Senator Peter Fitzgerald.

How does the Dear Leader react to yet another political crony going to jail? No one knows. Considering that the investigation has now spread to the appointment of Obama’s replacement this could get very interesting.

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