Friday, December 5, 2008

Playing Politics with Human Lives.

Interesting story here on Johnson calling Nixon a traitor for what LBJ saw as his interference on proposed North Vietnam South Vietnam peace talks:

Just days before the pivotal 1968 presidential election featuring Vice President Hubert Humphrey's bid to succeed him, President Lyndon Baines Johnson suspected Humphrey's Republican opponent, Richard Nixon, of political sabotage that he called treason, according to the final recordings of Johnson's presidency to be publicly released.

As Johnson tried to arrange peace talks between North and South Vietnam on the eve of the election, he and his closest advisers received information indicating that Nixon allies had asked that South Vietnam avoid peace talks until after the election, the tapes show.

I wonder if anyone is reminded of the recent pre-election maneuvering of camp Obama with regards to the US Iraqi SOFA agreements? Probably no on in the press is going to make this connection, preferring to continue with there 40 year continuous defecation on Nixon, but it would be nice if someone asked the question.

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