Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beware the Polls

Great comment about the partisan use of polling from the National Review:

There is an effort afoot to marginalize and demoralize people who refuse to hop aboard the Good Ship Obama. Dishonest polling is one of many tools in the Left's arsenal, but it's especially effective because these surveys can actually warp how people perceive the nation's mood. If a conservative were to catch in passing banner headlines proclaiming that 2/3 of the country approves of Obama's job performance and nearly 3/4 find him strong on national security, he may understandably feel isolated and powerless. That's the entire message implicit in these tactics—from the attack Rush strategy to DHS' outrageous "Right-Wing" threat assessment: Pipe down, conservatives. You're isolated, part of a hopelessly tiny minority, and possibly even dangerous. For the good of the country, keep your thoughts to yourselves.

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