Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How’s this one going to end ....

Obama releases the “Torture memos” detailing the cruel and hideous pink belly and death by caterpillar and ladybug technique used on the individuals who planned 9/11, but throws the caveat in there that there will be no prosecutions even though these acts were despicable and didn’t accomplish anything.

Hayden and Gates call Obama a jackass for doing this and say that it will make his job much harder

Then Cheney comes out swinging and says why not release them all including all the actionable intelligence we got from them and the attacks they stopped.

Now Obama says “on second thought, I might just be open to prosecuting individuals from the former administration on this”

So, how does this one end? Does Obama back down or does Cheney? Cheney certainly has nothing to lose as Obama has upped the ante by reversing his prior decision, now being “open” to prosecution of former administration officials.

Cleary Obama wasnt prepared for a response like this, or perhaps he was ... after all with 100's of billions flowing out the door at the Treasury, this makes for a nice distraction.

The left is just dying for its pound of flesh but will Obama spend his energy here, especially if Cheney is correct. What does he have to gain aside from throwing some red meat to the left?

My prediction

Option A: there is no release of the documents Cheney wants made public, Obama quietly backs away from his threat, Cheney quiets down and the Left seethes.

Option B: Cheney doesn’t drop it, Obama still wont release them but they get leaked, Obama loks like a schmuck and the left accuses Cheney’s “stay behind army” of running a shadow government and leaking the material.


  1. Mike, I just came over to offer up my sincere apology. I didn't catch the sarcasm on your comment at Lt. Nixon's blog the other day. Having just read a few of your posts, I see we think a lot alike. I'll add you to my blog roll and will visit frequently. Again, sorry for my screw-up.