Thursday, April 16, 2009

There will be blood

I saw this over at the Jawa Report, and I just couldnt pass it up.

Evidently a poster at Daily Kos thinks that there will be a bloody civil war in America, all becasue fo the Tea Parties.

I am very afraid that the Coming "Rise Again" in our own land will not be so free of violence.

We are a nation of gun owners with more and more being sold every day amid the poor economic situation... and a denied undercurrent of racial hatred.

How did Governor Rick Perry of Texas help this already bad situation, with his pronouncement?

He didn't. Not at all.

This is NOT over, folks.

Write me nasty comments, that this could not happen here, that there couldn't possibly be another Civil War in the United States... and that I am crazy for thinking so. Do and say whatever you want.

Then keep your television turned on... to see the slow craziness suddenly snowball into right wing open rebellion.

And I can tell you of a certainty how the whole thing will end, or at least part of it.

There will be blood.

A lot of it.

More than you ever dreamed of.

The best part is this guy is named Beavis (yeah I know its pelled a bit differently but its still pretty God damned funny).

The comment section is just precious .... every left winger's wet dream fullfileld.

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