Monday, January 5, 2009

The Big Green Turd

Having children means I watch a fair deal of children’s television programming. I find Sponge Bob to be the most appealing and least offensive. That and my daughter is old enough now, so other cartoon alternatives like South Park are out of the question.

Nickelodeon has had this big push for the past month or so called The Big Green Help. Its basically a bunch of PSA’s with Nick personalities urging kids to “be green”, saying things like “if its green, that means its good for the earth. If its green its good” and giving their own “green” testimonials.

My favorite testimonial is Miranda Cosgrove saying that she doesn’t ask her mom for car rides on short trips anymore, she rides her bicycle instead. She seems like a charming young lass and all but does anyone actually think she’s not full of shit here?

On the one hand, its nice that Sponge Bob can put my 2-1/2 year old daughter and increasingly my 5 month old daughter into a trance like state for a few minutes and let me cook dinner or clean, but I really am kind of creeped out by the unending propaganda being stuffed down their throats.

A good thing to keep in mind here is that changes in public policy to combat man made global warming (or does all the conflicting and contradictory information now mean it is to be referred to as “climate change” ) will never effect the people who push hardest for it. There will always be the Ed Beagly Jr glitterati environmentalist types who, batshit insane as they are, actually walk the walk. But those who push hardest for the legislative changes have the money to buy themselves a ticket out of a lower standard of living that they seem so damn eager to impose on everyone else.

Al Gore will still have his 25,000 square ft house, Barbara Streisand will still have those 2 big beautiful 250KW Caterpillar diesel generators on standby, and Bobby “one more hit” Kennedy Jr will still have his Gulfstream 500.

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