Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama's Pectacular Moment Staged

I guess my instincts were right on this one. Remember that picture of Berry the Beefcake on the beach in Hawaii that turned the panties of such notable left wing skags like Ann Marie Wilcox and Maureen Dowd's panties into gushing rivers of feminine lust? Looks like it was staged.

Gary Morgan, a British journalist who runs Los Angeles-based Splash News, one of the largest paparazzi agencies in the world, says Mr Obama's Secret Service men assisted his photographers in getting pictures of the President-Elect on the beach.

He said: "Obama is the paparazzi president. The Secret Service was very cool with us. They knew what we wanted to do. They told us if we stuck to certain areas, we would be fine. They got to know who we were and it was very pleasurable working with them."
But I gotta ask, why are we only hearing about this from a British newspaper?

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