Tuesday, January 20, 2009

File This Under "No Shit"

From Howard Kurtz:

Every inauguration is a major media moment, with nonstop television coverage, newspapers churning out special editions and correspondents parachuting in from around the globe. But it is hard to envision this level of intensity if John McCain were taking the oath of office. All the hoopla has left the impression that many in journalism are thrilled by Obama's swearing-in.

Gee, you think?


  1. the hoopla will disapear as soon as O starts failing on his promises and hope message. I guess they are forgeting the guy is a politician and as they have in the past, all failed us. At least I won't be suprised.

  2. I dont know ... they have alot investing in this guy to turn on him. I expect to see the press turn into meat shields for this guy for as long as they can.