Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emmanuel Goldstein

Over at Extreme Mortman they were talking about what the “comedic left” will do now that they don’t have Bush to kick around anymore. Mortman, quoting Peter Beinart, was rather optimistic that guys like Colbert and Stewart might have to grow up a little now that they (or their pals more specifically) are in charge.

One of the commenters brought all this into context though with a great 1984 metaphor.

Even though The Party controlled every aspect of Oceania, they still managed to broadcast at least Two Minutes of Hate toward Emmanuel Goldstein. After years (possibly decades), ratings never dropped.
This was the best and probably most realistic response to the post. After all, as triumphant as the left was in 1992 they never missed an opportunity to kick someone when they were down. Just go read a copy of “The Nation” from early 1993.


  1. Haven't you heard? Irony, self-deprecation, and satire are dead because The O is in charge. I plan on taking a Rip Van Winkle approach to our nation's funnymen until some new blood comes to town.

  2. At least we will get to see what John Stewarts O face looks like.

  3. What could Bill Maher possibly have to say over the next four years?

  4. ...Maybe he'll also get a gig on "Football Night in America."

  5. Maher will still manage his 2 minutes of hate.