Monday, January 5, 2009

Ever wonder why the IDF attacks ambulances?

Wonder no more.

via NRO Media Blog


  1. We had some similar problems in Iraq, when the Mahdi Army was schlepping around ordnance in coffins tied on top of cars like a fake funeral. They were able to get around checkpoints when Baghdad curfews got periodically imposed. What is it about the Iranian proxies that have an affinity for transporting weapons in such unconventional tactics? Must be because they'd get their ass kicked if they wore uniforms and followed Geneva convention standards.

  2. My brother (corpsman) tells me that in Afghanistan that they used to travel with their entire families and break off for raids and what not. When they got into an unplanned skirmish, the women and children would die along with the men and would be front page news in Pakistan.

    No one said that they haven’t capitalized on the media's obsession with playing up attacks on “cicilian targets” like ambulances and schools.

    I dont know whats worse, the fact that they do it or the way its regurgitated on the BBC and NPR.