Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where's the Taint - Hoaxed

Any Idea who the gal in the photo is:

Her name is Linda Panetta and she seems to hate the Untied States as much as her chums Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega who accompany her in the picture. She is also the daughter of soon to be CIA chief Leon Panetta.

J. Michael Waller, who found this little gem, makes a great point that this kind of familial activity could spell the end of a career for an analyst or someone applying for security clearance. I certainly hope they make some hay with this during his confirmation hearings.

And if anyone is wondering why this post falls into the Kiddy Fucker category, Daniel Ortega repeatedly molested his (then) 11 year old stepdaughter in the mid-80's. He used parliamentary immunity to avoid prosecution and to this day remains a darling of the left.

Just another example of never having to say you are sorry if you are a leftist.

Via Redstate

Update: Not quite sure how real this is. I cant seem to confirm that this is Leon Panetta's daughter. Someone should shake this one out soon enough. Stay tuned.

More Update This Bio from Time says that he only has three sons.

More More Update: This woman is evidently a fraud.

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