Friday, January 16, 2009

A Hearty "Haw Haw" to Steven Soderbergh

It looks like Steven Soderbergh biopic felation of murdering Maoist/Stlainsit (he was a complex man after all) Che Guevara has taken in a whopping $10,077,133, with an impressive US total of $293,708.

Wonderful economics, considering it cost him $60million to make.

This “haw haw’s” for you Steven. May all your cinematic endeavors be this successful you fucking tool.


  1. A good use of Nelson, and I actually really liked Traffic, but this Che worship crap should've gotten the adios when the wall came down.

  2. However, credit where it's due, Che did better than Redacted which I think grossed like 65,000 bucks or something.

  3. Traffic and Ocean’s 11 (the rest of the Oceans fucking blew) were great flicks. Its just unfortunate that politics has so rabidly stained entertainment that I have a really hard time watching a movie with guys like Clooney, Will Smith, or Tim Robbins.

    I go to movies to see shit blow up and hear a good story not watch "Duke the Dog-Faced Boy" shove his politics down my fucking throat.