Monday, November 10, 2008

From the Go Fuck Yourselves file

52 to 48 says no hard feeling about the election, lets all be friends and bask in the soft warmth of the Dear Leaders glow. After all, now its cool to love America and be one nation, under the The One, with servitude and government cheese for all.

Sure, we spent the better part of the last several months demonizing a decorated veteran and public servant, labeling him everything from a garden variety racist, a murderer, war criminal, all the way to a fascist but now its time to get past all that and roll over because our guy won.

Now we are all one, now we can be united! The mighty mocha demigod who will now be designated simply as “The One” cannot change the greatest nation on the Earth without compliance and submission from the 48, therefore you MUST submit so that "The One" can fulfill his destiny.

Fuck that.

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  1. Love the category's title, TDC. I'll check back often.