Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Revolutionary Suicide

"We didn't commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world."

You might think that’s an Obama supporter justifying their vote. After all, the election of The Dear Leader has been referred to as a Revolution by lots of big named people.

But you’d be wrong. This was actually Jim Jones another left wing messiah, and yesterday was the 30 year anniversary of the revolutionary suicide that took place in Jonestown Guiana.

Jones managed to indoctrinated tens of thousands of young idealistic white progressives and poor minorities in California by selling his own brand of spiritual socialism.

A lot of people don’t really connect what happened 30 years ago to the left, and with good reason. When lefties commit acts of mass stupidity (and mass suicide) they usually have an army of journalists, TV producers, movie directors and musicians who will go to great lengths to write any mention of their involvement out. Were you a Stalin sycophant? Did you carry around Mao’s lil’ red book? Was Pol Pot a progressive visionary? Did you successfully lobby for the parole of a murderer just to see him kill again a few months later? Did you spy for the Soviet fucking Union? Don’t worry, the normal channels of mass marketing vilification will always be kind to you and you will still have a place for interviews in respectable places like the NY Times, NPR and anywhere in America’s university system.

The People’s Temple had an impressive list of big named celebrity supporters who never seemed to face any repercussions for what they stood for back then. Willie Brown, Harvey Milk, Angela Davis, Jane Fonda, Daniel Ellsberg, Caesar Chavez, Dick Gregory, Tom Hayden, and Jerry Brown all spoke at and/or supported Jones’s little experiment.

What’s the point of this pointless rant? Just reminding people that being a good progressive means never having to say you are sorry.

P.S. Lt Nixon has the best picture I have seen on this subject to date.

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