Sunday, November 9, 2008

Predictions: The Traitor

Everyone loves predictions … right? I know I do.

Every so often, I think I am going to throw one of these out there, that way when one of them comes true, I can look prescient and wise (just so long as you ignore all the wrong ones).

Rahm Emanuel will not last more than 3 years in the new administration and will become Obama’s Scott McClellan or Paul O’Neil.

A fight will begin in the new administration over how to deal with Israel, Iran and the Palestinians. On one side will be the advisors who want nothing more than to see Palestinians dance victoriously in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, think of people like Ed Lasky and Zbigniew Brzezinski and then there will be guys like Emanuel.

Emanuel does not seem to be an overly ideological guy, he’s a run of the mill machine power monger, very good at what he does. The one issue that trumps his MO is Israel. Emanuel, for example, left the US during the Gulf War to volunteer with the IDF. Zionism is a cause that he and his family have always strongly supported.

If the anti-Israeli side of the new Obama demonstration wins out, and the US abandons our ally, I don’t think the Emanuel will play the yes man and will turn on the administration.

But the best part is going to see Emanuel go from being the good Jew to the bad demonized Jew in a heartbeat. The DNC has always had a soft spot for anti-Semitesand this would certainly put a big spotlight on this. .

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