Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's Economic Stimulus is Working!

Looks like Obama’s anti-gun stances are reaping large sales and profits for the gun industry.

Indianapolis - Gun control was an issue that was largely out of the spotlight in the presidential campaign. Fears the new administration will impose stricter regulations have caused a spike in the number of firearms sold nationwide.

At Popguns on the east side, business is literally booming. Racks with long guns are half empty. Hand gun cases are thinning out too. Last weekend, firearms sales here increased 250 percent.

I know from my own experience that gun sales have taken off since last Tuesday. Just today I went into buy the following Rock River AR-Clone, knowing that I might not get the chance to ever do this again in a couple of months.

I asked the salesman how many of these he was going through and he told me that in an average month he would sell between 50 and 60 of the Rock Rivers (this is a huge gun store) but since the election he has been selling 40 of them a day and cant get ebough from the distributor. Similar sales, although not in the same magnitude, were being seen for M1’s, AK’s and tactical shotguns.

I certainly hope that The Dear Leader can spur a similar uptick in the auto industry.

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