Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Juan Cole say What?!?!

While pissing and moaning about the injustice of letting "criminals" like Karl Rove, Tom Delay and Oliver North on TV, “noted Middle eastern Scholar”© Juan Cole had this to say about the MSM’s abuses on liberal commentators:

Note that corporate media is much more careful about sexual scandal than it is about other kinds of crime. A politician or public figure so much as accused of sexual impropriety is often considered off limits (CNN's Aaron Brown once sidelined Scott Ritter that way, over a date gone bad). Presumably this caution derives in part from fear of the emails they would get, and threats of advertiser boycotts, from the relgious[sic] Right

Say what !?! Scott Ritter was sidelined by Aaron Brown over a date gone wrong? I don’t know about Cole, but I have never been on a date that consisted of chatting with a 14 year old girl on the internet, agreeing to meet said 14 year old girl at a Burger King so they could watch me jerk off, only to find out that the 14 year old girl was actually a member of a sexual predator task force.

Like Ritter did, not once but twice!

If that’s Cole’s idea of a date, good bad or ugly, then I sure a shit hope his daughter (or son for that matter) doesn’t plans on having any sleepovers any time soon. Or ever for that matter.

And to think that this asshole had the nerve to complain about Yale rejecting his 2006 Cole nomination to teach there?

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