Thursday, November 6, 2008

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald seems to enjoy basking I the glory that is “The One’s” victory … I don’t know … perhaps somewhere in the back of his mind he really thinks that an Obama administration will make it possible for him to lounge about on a nude beach in Miami with his 16 year old Brazilian lover instead of having to go to Rio for his naughty afternoon delights. Time will tell I suppose.

But enough with the cheap shot. Greenwald has seemed quite content the past few days in running anyone who made a poor prediction through the ringer, but as is the case with all narcissistic pieces of shit like good ol’ Socksy McGreewald he never once considers turning his observations against himself. A few weeks ago, Greenwald was taking Jonah Goldberg, of whom I am quite the fan, to task for linking Obama’s rise in the polls to the tanking Dow.

Last Thursday, when the Dow was dropping to roughly 8,600, various right-wing polemicists claimed that the stock market was plummeting because investors were realizing that Obama would likely win and his policies would be bad for the economy.
None of the people propounding the self-evidently moronic theory that the dropping Dow was due to Obama's rising poll numbers has mentioned any of this today. They're as intellectually dishonest as they are dumb.

Unfortunately for ol’ Socksy this “theory” has now manifested itself into reality

This should serve as a lesson for guys like Greenwald that if you don’t know what you are talking bout STFU please. Opinions are like assholes Socksy, and they all smell the same.

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