Monday, November 10, 2008

More on 52 to 48

Its hard not to want to treat Obama and his sycophants ... er ... I mean supporters ... the same way that the left has treated Bush over the past eight years.

I can understand how many of the "48" want to have posters of Obama with a gun to his head, or "hail to the chimp" coffee mugs or all the stupid bullshit agitprop that the left was so in love with for the past eight years, but Dirty Harry captures my thoughts on this pretty well:

Because of my love of country, respect for the office, and determination not to become what thoroughly disgusts me, I will never dehumanize President-elect Obama the way in which Bush was. However…

I will never forget the immoral monsters on the left willing to abandon a country and its 25 million innocents to the same evil responsible for 9/11 — all in the name of winning a few political points.

Well said.

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