Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who lives and who dies

Though this article on a pandemic was interesting especially when it came to who is really essential and who isnt.

The top of the list is an easy one. Doctors and nurses will be vital, so they end up in the win column. Others essential to public health and safety will be next, but after that, the going gets tough. A provocative new study argues that the list needs to be broadened. Some truck drivers, for instance, may be just as important as doctors.

What it boils down to is this: Medical professionals won't be very successful if the truck driver doesn't show up with the necessary medications because he couldn't get fuel for his vehicle.

So, people who might have been thought of as nonessential are indeed essential if the wheels of society are to keep rolling along. Someone to deliver fuel to the service station. Someone to keep the truck operational. Someone to drive it.

Interesting to think that all those smug pricks who think of themselves a so indispensible in modern America (i.e celebrities, talking heads, comparative literature majors who now blog for The Atlantic, Mother Jones, or Vanity Fair) will find themselves waiting in line behind truck drivers, sanitation workers and refinery operators for a vaccine.

Bought this over at Amazon a while back, good book with lots of basic information.

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